Photo of Havana Liang

hello! i'm Havana, a

creative, designer, and

puzzle solver.

As you've likely gathered from my intro, I'm Havana: an aspiring UX Designer, prolific creator, and spirited soul who flourishes in a team setting.
What are some things I'm known for you ask? well... I am an:
📸 IG-PHOTO MAVEN: Driven by intuition and empathy, I channel my talent into making friends radiate confidence through casual photography. You know that friend who contorts into all manner of positions to snag THE perfect Instagram shot? Yep, that's me.

🏂 ALMOST-OLYMPIC SNOWBOARDER: Olympics, watch out! An audacious claim, but my swift snowboarding skills have me convinced the podium isn't far off. In reality or not, every icy challenge I conquer leaves me feeling gold-medal glorious.

💡INFJ - THE INTUITIVE DESIGNER: I wield my INFJ personality traits to weave empathy and intuition into UX/UI design, unveiling hidden patterns and meanings that resonate with users.

a little more bout me - timeline form


Inspired by her favourite somber tune, Mom christens me "Havana" before we embark on our journey to Canada. The name was chosen after the mellow notes of Kenny G's sax (and yes, this was way before Camila Cabello made the name mainstream and got me some playful teasing).


Immigration to Canada: a success! The flight status screen proclaims "Havana", which, thanks to our innocent unfamiliarity with geography, we mistake for a welcoming gesture rather than a destination.


My elementary escapades: where the Neopets Stock Market was my Wall Street and recess role-plays ruled the day. My friends and I lived out our dreams as Winx Club fairies, bravely defending our playground from imagined threats.


High school: the birthplace of my creativity. My projects exuded artistic flair, but the 'Starving Artist' stigma nudged me towards a more practical course: Business & Marketing.


McMaster University journey, check. Mercedes-Benz internship, check. Graduation in the midst of a pandemic, double-check.


Landed my first big-girl job at Orium as a project coordinator. Something felt amiss though, and my creative spirit yearned for more. After much introspection and cups of contemplative coffee, I decided I wanted to 'create' more than 'manage.'


UXD! My INFJ personality and career wishlist found their match on a dating app called 'Career Goals.' Now I'm head over heels into this fulfilling relationship and looking forward to the journey ahead!